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Mining by Green Energy

Step into the future of mining with SolarX Miner. Powered by solar energy, this innovative solution revolutionizes the industry while prioritizing sustainability. Join the mining revolution now.

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Circulation SXCH Supply

Tokenized Crypto Mining

The SolarX cloud-mining platform is designed not only to revolutionize how individuals engage with SXCH mining rigs but also to serve as utility for the SXCH token.

By integrating the convenience of fractionalized mining investment with the reliability of blockchain, SXCH Mining is set to democratize access to crypto mining, making it accessible, profitable, and environmentally sustainable for a global audience.

All powered by the SXCH token.

SolarX Miner

Welcome to the world's first
cryptocurrency miner powered by the sun


50 H mining with a

single charge capability


Off-grid mining



Generating passive

income through mining

Mine during the day

Sustainable Mining: Reduce your carbon footprint and electricity costs by using renewable energy sources.

24/7 Mining: With stored electricity, you can mine cryptocurrency around the clock, maximizing your earnings.

Easy Setup: Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to set up your mining operations with ease.

Mine during the night

Silent Mining: Enjoy quiet mining operations with no noisy equipment, perfect for residential or noise-sensitive areas.

Zero Expenses: Use stored battery power to mine at night without adding to your electricity costs. With SolarX, you can enjoy passive income from mining without worrying about costly electricity bills.

First blockchain

SolarX blockchain will mark a groundbreaking milestone by allowing projects not only to build on Layer 1 but also to conduct mining operations within its framework


With the SolarX Miner App, miners can effortlessly monitor the performance of their mining rigs from anywhere. Stay informed about hashrates, temperatures, and earnings in real-time, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Whether you're at home or on the go, managing your mining operation has never been easier.

Manage your mining rigs seamlessly with the SolarX Miner App. Monitor performance, track earnings, withdraw funds, and now make payments directly from the app. Whether you're topping up your mining expenses or paying for utilities, the SolarX Miner App streamlines the entire process, putting financial control in the palm of your hand.

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The SolarX token
powering the eco-system

Use Cases

SolarX Blockchain | SolarX App | CloudX coin | CloudX device
GridX coin | SolarX Exchange | Charging points for EV
Charging points for E Bikes | Microgrids



Burning mechanism employed
on mining supply.

10% of all cashed in tokens from
burnt on quarterly basis.

SolarX Roadmap

Collaborating with our solar energy team, we're integrating sustainable
power solutions into our crypto project, forging a path towards environmentally conscious blockchain technology.



New Website
New Branding
Team Expansion
Marketing Relaunch
Token Sale Begins



Token Listed on CEX
Listing on DEX
SolarX Conference
Blockchain Testnet
Mining Rigs Dispatched



First token burn conducted
Host Mining Launched
Staking Program Launched
Launchpad Test Phase
Grant applicants invited



Blockchain Mainnet
Development Grants Deployed
New Mining Rigs Tested
Launchpad Released
New CEX Listings


Collaborating with our solar energy team, we’re integrating sustainable
power solutions into our crypto project, forging a path towards environmentally conscious blockchain technology.



Core Team

Our latest events and innovations are showing that,
we are the greatest innovation company ever!

Glenn Grant

Glenn Grant


Blond Aliu

Blond Aliu

Head Engineer / CO-Founder

Arben syla

Arben Syla

CFO / CO-Founder

Jannik Rohloff

Jannik Rohloff

Marketing / Advisory

Malik Ibrahim

Malik Ibrahim

Marketing / Advisory

Visar Isufi

Visar Isufi

Head of Design

Toby Young

Toby Young


Ashraf Sleiman Agha

Ashraf Sleiman Agha


Alla Stepanian

Alla Stepanian

Project Manager